ICON is a full-service hospitality management company that operates signature restaurants, upscale hotels and special event spaces. 



With a focus on local art, food, special events and design, ICON creates hotels and restaurants that become the epicenter of social life. ICON’s hospitality concepts include a fully developed concept plan, interior design, competitive positioning, pricing, menu, financial analysis and return
on investment analysis. ICON concepts are authentically local, original and profitable.


Whether it is the operation of ICON’s
own properties or managing on behalf
of other owners, ICON believes that consistent guest service, attention
to detail, and creating unique and memorable experiences are the keys
to success.


With considerable creative and operating resources at its disposal and decades of developing and repositioning hotels and restaurants, ICON can quickly assess the desired goals, prepare a successful strategy and efficiently execute the plan. This results in better concepts, more local/hotel use, animated public areas, increased social catering, improved guest satisfaction and higher profits.

“Weslodge, the neighbouring
socialite hothouse.” – Toronto Life


“The hottest restaurant in Miami right now”
- Eater


“Storys, a multi-level hospitality complex at
11 Duncan Street, is a feast for the senses”
– Notable.ca


Coming 2017


“A parade of authentic
Southern Spanish delights”
– Post City